Petra Sedlaczek was born in 1966 in Cologne, Germany.

Growing up with her parents, both architects, and her twin sister, Petra dreamt of having one day her own restaurant in the South of France.

Petra graduated from school at 18 and started as an apprentice to become a cook. She got her diploma in 1988.

Before Petra got the opportunity to become the chef of a restaurant in a small but exclusive hotel in India in 1994, she worked in different restaurants around Europe.

Petra left India in the beginning of 2000 to finally accomplish her dream and open her restaurant in the South of France.

In 2001 Petra met her photographer husband. She gave up her restaurant and started working as his assistant.┬áThis was Petra’s first encounter with photography.

In 2007 she studied photography at SPEOS in Paris and discovered her passion for photography.

Since then, Petra works on her own projects.